Single…Not Trained To Mingle

As a single 34-year-old women putting up post about being single, wondering “This is it, huh. This is all the excitement, the romanticism, the “contact” with other humans that my life has become.” I don’t want to complain. I know I don’t get out there like most people. But I think most people have friends that are out there, that they could go out and socialize with. They always have some type of activity, some event, some gathering or party they are invited to. I…I have married friends. And I am divorce. And what’s more, they are all from the culture that, women stay home and attend to the kids, cooks and cleans. (But now they also work). They are Mexican women, married either to Mexican men or sexist for that matter. So we don’t have girls night out. Or for that matter, we don’t have nights of lets fix up our single friend with this guy.

So my life, has become mundane.

But why should I complain. I partied right after the separation. I “socialized” for two years. Then force to stop by all my friends getting married. Not having a single friends now. Thinking now that maybe I should go out alone. Hey this is 2016, I may not be highly educated or one who knows about the world, but I still can go out by myself. Right?

If when, I go out with the only friend that I have now that is single (I just remember I do have but one single friend, but does not go out), I’m not social. I really don’t start conversations with men or women. What i’m I going to do alone. Without a wing buddy. And then it all comes back rushing, I’ve never being a social person. Not when I was a kid and not now. So I guess either I get “trained” in socializing or I die alone. I prefer the first.

But “trained” sounds bad. I like me. Sometimes. I could get more inform about other topics, so I can have a solid conversation going. And since I recently discover that I actually like conversations or at least listening to them. I really need to cultivate my mind with different issues and topics.

So, anyone have a single guy friend, around their 30s’, who likes to conversate, likes to explore new things? Let him know I’m looking for him.

Just kidding. I know this is not

I guess I will catch up on my reading of world issues and other topics, so when I do finally go out. I have a lovely conversation.


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